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Communications, and political and contextual analysis are vital for humanitarian organisations at the best of times.


And even more so today.


Across the world, politicians are bowing to the demands of the far-Right, while commentators are winning cheap headlines and ground by ‘questioning the effectiveness’ of humanitarian aid.

Simultaneously, Russia and the US are leading efforts to subvert the UN, and along with it, international law, while anti-immigration movements and others claim – quite wrongly, but grimly effectively – that non-governmental organisations are covers for movements to undermine governments, and compromise national security.

NGOs rightly focus on their life-saving and -improving operations on the ground, but the more this debate is lost, the harder it becomes to raise funds for humanitarian response, or reach the people we need to reach.

And that’s where we come in.

Drawing on more than two decades of political journalism, international humanitarian communications, analysis and reporting, and providing media training and preparation for humanitarians, we will provide you with:








We will also provide you with twice-weekly updates on local, national, regional and international affairs related to refugee movements, conflict, politics and developments, to ensure you are up-to-date on all aspects of the situation in which you work.    


As well as this, we can act as spokespeople for your organisation.


In short, we will provide all your communications, analysis and evaluation needs, as well as making sure you – and the humanitarian sector as a whole – are not left behind by a world which is being hardened against humanitarianism, internationalism, and people who need and deserve our attention.

You cannot win a debate in which you are not involved. And that’s why we are here.

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